Do you like the arts, are you an enthusiastic communicator and a positive-minded diplomat and would you like to become an ambassador of this established brand of Czech Industry Photo? If so, read on. You may be just the right candidate! We are looking for passionate applicants for 2022 (and the following years), especially in cities such as Pilsen, Jihlava, Liberec, Ústí nad Labem, České Budějovice, Brno, Hradec Králové, Olomouc, Ostrava or Zlín. Your age is not important; however, it might be primarily flexible students or vital senior citizens who will appreciate working for us based on a Work Performance Agreement (Czech DPP).

And what would such an ambassador be expected to do?

  • To identify suitable events/venues for the photo exhibition, unless the host has already been selected.
  • To communicate with local authorities, schools, media and businesses.
  • To communicate closely with the exhibition host in your town/city.
  • To participate in marketing and PR approximately one month prior to the exhibition’s arrival.
  • To help with the photo exhibition’s installation and removal or with managing contractors.
  • To participate in the opening ceremony and to regularly check the exhibition’s status.
  • To support communication in social media and to run a communication campaign in Czech.
  • To organise the return logistics (= carrier booking and handover to them) and report the basics to the project manager

If interested, please send a brief CV to and include a few lines about why we should choose you as an ambassador, what you would enjoy most in your work and what you see as your greatest asset for Czech Industry Photo. We would sign a Work Performance Agreement (‘DPP’) with you, or you could work based on a trade licence ('živnost’) if you have one.

We thank you for your potential interest and apologise that we will only contact the shortlist of applicants, due to capacity and time constraints.