Do you, like us, see the meaning and positive benefit for the younger generation in creative industrial education? Do you appreciate the fact that as part of our Czech Industry Challenge digital platform and the traveling Czech Industry Photo educational exhibition (accessible for free and 24/7 outdoors in the pedestrian zones of 10 cities in Bohemia and Moravia) we show the public the technological innovations of leading Czech universities and successful Czech industrial concerns?

We believe in, and thus can defend, the claim that Czech industry is world-class and that it makes sense to maintain its huge potential and the level of employment it brings in the future. And since some do not know what ‘industry’ really means, we decided to bring it closer to people so as to present the diversity of Czech industry in words and images. If, as a company or individual, you see this socially-responsible mission as important and if you are interested in supporting our year-round educational activities, you can become:


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