Celario wine cellar

Celario wine cellar

CELARIO s.r.o.

A stylish glazed wine cellar built into the interior of a family house adds another dimension to the uniqueness of your property, providing a wonderful place to spend time with family, friends or business partners. CELARIO stands for a patented wine cellar construction technology that guarantees the correct temperature, stable ventilation and humidity, which are the most important requirements for storing and maturing quality wines. It takes approximately one to two weeks to build such a cellar with a capacity of 900 to 3,000 bottles.

The cellars can be installed in halls, living rooms, kitchens or garages. The construction technology is unique because the occupants can use the rest of the house freely during the construction process. The construction work causes minimal pollution. House cellars come in two layouts - circular and elliptical – and in different sizes. Customers can choose from many shapes of hatches and glass ceilings. The range of interior cladding - whether wood or stone - is very extensive. For maximum aesthetic effect, bespoke light sets are supplied. Discerning customers can choose from a range of multimedia controls.

Photo: Martin Holík

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