On the way from Mordor

On the way from Mordor

CZ LOKO, a.s.

Shunting locomotives and special vehicles for the maintenance of railway tracks built by the Czech company CZ LOKO must withstand the conditions of metallurgical plants, which are demanding due to high ambient temperature and dustiness. How demanding such work can be is best illustrated by this picture of the Effi Shunter 600 locomotive, taken under the blast furnace of Třinec Ironworks. The overall atmosphere, evoking Frodo’s entrance into the mythical Mount Doom in Mordor, is boosted by the red glow from the flowing iron.

The Třinec Ironworks currently operate five of these locomotives. Other locomotives of this series are in service at the Turkey’s Isdemir ironworks, the Slovakia’s Mondi SCP paper mill, the Serbia’s Naftna Industrija Srbije refinery or the domestic ŠKODA Auto in Mladá Boleslav and ČEPRO. The locomotives are offered to customers in several versions. The basic one is the Effi Shunter 600 series with a CAT C18 internal combustion engine and an output of 563 kW. The design allows operation at ambient temperatures of -25 °C to +40 °C. The production of shunting locomotives has long been the core of the business of CZ LOKO, which has its production plants in Česká Třebová and Jihlava. They are mainly used in marshalling yards and on the sidings of industrial plants.

Photo: Radek Čupr

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