Suspended mining locomotive

Suspended mining locomotive

FERRIT s.r.o.

The suspended mining locomotive marked as DLZ130F has been designed for transporting people and materials in the mining industry. It is capable of operating in gradients up to ± 30°. FERRIT is the world’s leading producer in the area of suspended mining means of transportation. The photo was taken at the company's own test track, used for checking the technical parameters of all manufactured machines. It is virtually impossible to capture this suspended locomotive working in the real mining environment for safety reasons. So how to mimic a mining environment within the company premises on the surface? With a smoke machine and on the proprietary test track!

FERRIT develops, manufactures and services machines for the mining industry, selling them on four continents, where they help to mine coal and ores, as well as gold, silver and diamonds.

Photo: Veronika Bittnerová

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