Huisman Czech Republic s.r.o.

A story like from a Jules Verne book could be told by this photograph of an observation dome car manufactured by Huisman company in Sviadnov. This attraction takes its passengers up to 90 metres above sea level and provides them with a full 360-degree view of the ocean. The arm that carries the 16-person observation dome is 40 metres long.

This observation deck has been custom-built on the ship ‘Spectrum of the Seas’, which is based in Shanghai, China. Its cruise itinerary includes such destinations as Ilocos in the Philippines, Vladivostok in Russia, as well as Hakodate and Niigita in Japan. Its very first cruise called ‘Global Odyssey’ started in Barcelona and lasted an incredible 51 days, taking its passengers to ports in thirteen countries around the world.

Photo: Radim Kolibík

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