Magic ray

Magic ray

Vyncke s.r.o.

This photo was taken during the installation of an instant coffee production unit. The steam boiler is already in operation at the customer's site, incinerating all the waste generated during the production of a world-famous coffee brand. It also supplies the energy needed for its manufacture. If you drink instant coffee, it is very likely that the ‘green’ technology by VYNCKE from the Moravian Beskydy region was involved in its production.

VYNCKE is a supplier of technically and technologically advanced solutions to produce energy from waste and biomass. It prides itself on being able to produce clean, emission-free energy from any combustible waste. The company's boilers and power plants operate with a high degree of automation and digitalisation. The core of their production, however, is still combustion systems made by the hands of their own employees – welders and locksmiths. Simply put, no robot can yet replace the high-end craftsmanship required for the production of custom-made pressure parts.

Photo: Petr Lukeš

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