Night at the refinery

Night at the refinery

Skupina ORLEN Unipetrol s.r.o.

More than a thousand buildings, dozens of kilometres of roads and rail tracks and thousands of kilometres of electricity lines, telecommunication lines and pipelines can be found on the Litvínov refinery grounds belonging to Orlen Unipetrol. Bohuslav Rybín, the author of this night-time photo, works as a production supervisor at this chemical plant. "I often get beautiful views when I go on my work errands through our plant. I commit them to memory and then photograph them when I have an opportunity. The fact that the best photographs are those taken early in the morning or in the evening, when the light is at its best, is true even for production technologies. Yet I prefer taking industrial photos at night, when they acquire a specific magical charm," says Bohuslav Rybín, an employee of the refinery.

Photo: Bohuslav Rybín
Postproduction: Michal Černich

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