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The elite military unit from Prostějov is the first in the Czech army to be equipped with the modern UGV-Pz reconnaissance robot by the Military Technical Institute. The robot is literally ‘riddled’ with sensors and can be sent to dangerous places by instructions of its operator. Once it maps a designated area while live reporting the findings, a group of scouts can be sent into action. This reconnaissance robot can also work in stationary mode, observing nearby or distant surroundings. Its greatest benefit is the increased safety of deployed soldiers and its operability at night.

If a target is found in the defined sector, it is passed on to the optoelectronic IpzS (integrated multi-spectral reconnaissance system), which automatically focuses on the selected target once commanded to do so by its operator. The IPzS operator identifies the target using the selected daylight camera or infrared (thermal) camera. The search for targets in the selected sector can also be carried out in passive mode using an optoelectronic reconnaissance system (i.e. without the need to use BRL???). When searching for targets passively, the IPzS uses automated reconnaissance functions developed for other manned, reconnaissance devices. Once a target has been detected and identified, the IPzS operator can lock on to it and use a laser rangefinder to measure its distance.

Photo: Pavel Novotný

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