Silver crystals in a melancholy mood

Silver crystals in a melancholy mood

KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové, a.s.

Not all crystals are the same/No crystals are alike/There is no crystal like a crystal??. The ones from KRYSTALY in Hradec Králové certainly do not fulfil an aesthetic mission, but work as electronic components, manufactured from synthetic quartz or other piezoelectric materials. They used to be the nightmare of all radio amateurs as they were so hard to get. Today’s situation is the opposite.

To give you a better idea, crystals are used for signal stabilisation, filtering and wireless frequency transmission in electronics. They are widely used in telecommunications and by manufacturers of final electronic devices including electromechanical industrial sensors. They can also be found hidden in amateur applications. The two types of products presented in the photo are without a protective cap and with the internal structure plated with silver. It is an electronic component and a crystal unit with a crystal filter.

The development and production of the crystals takes place in a plant located about 100 km from Prague, and is done exclusively on a custom basis, as clients demand special applications, on short notice and in small quantities. Most of the production is exported to the EU countries, the USA, and elsewhere.

KRYSTALY in Hradec Králové, is globally one of few companies in the field of crystal units that focus on channel crystals for use in professional applications as well as in standard ones for amateurs. The quartz substrate finishing technology can also be applied to other materials widely used in today’s electronics such as lithium niobate and lithium tantalate. This joint stock company continues a 60-year tradition of manufacturing crystal units in Hradec Králové.

Photo: KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové, a.s.

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