'CAT type' very high voltage pylon

'CAT type' very high voltage pylon

ČEPS, a.s.

The electricity transmission system of the Czech Republic, operated solely by ČEPS, forms the ‘backbone’ of the country’s electricity network. It transfers electricity from producers to distributors, who then transport it to households.

The Czech transmission system features approximately 5.700 km of very high and extra high voltage lines, 79 transformers and 44 substations. It forms an integral part of the European network, being connected to it by 17 cross-border lines.

If the ČEPS pylons were stacked, they would reach Earth orbit at a height of 160 km, but their total height is more than 550 km. Each metre is regularly maintained. ČEPS takes care of 14 236 pylons in total.

Photo: Tomáš Mach

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