Disinfectingly non-infectious

Disinfectingly non-infectious


Maximum disinfection and minimum requirements! HENNLICH's technology for the application of broad-spectrum disinfectants works on the principle of air dispersal of its droplets. These extremely fine droplets, a ‘dry mist’, effectively covers all surfaces within the interior. All this with low disinfectant consumption. There is no wetting of surfaces thanks to the droplet fineness.

The 24-litre (or 50-litre) pressure tank is equipped with a special spray head on a telescopic rod, which can be extended up to 2.3 metres to maximise the disinfected surface area. The tank, complete with an internal epoxy coating, is resistant to effects of anti-covid disinfectants. The device can be optionally fitted with a nozzle gun for local sanitation. Such a set-up provides for thorough sanitation of critical areas such as handles, seats, etc. The custom adjustment of the spraying time, easy operation and maintenance and the low running cost solve a crucial disinfecting problem efficiently and in the long term.

Photo: Petra Bártová

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