Forcity Alfa

Forcity Alfa

Škoda Group

They are not just vehicles helping to keep the complex public transport mechanism in the Czech capital running. The large fleet of ForCity Alfa trams produced by Škoda Transportation in Plzeň is, in a way, part of the city's architecture, fine-tuning the public space.

This type of tram for Prague is the first mass-produced 100% low-floor tram with swivel bogies and the first to feature a unique drive train with gearless permanent magnet motors propelling all the wheels of the four axleless bogies. The location of the bogies under the joints between the tram sections and under the ends provide for maximum variability in the interior layout. The swivel bogies are track-friendly, reducing the maintenance costs of both the tram and the infrastructure.

For Škoda, the development of new vehicles means not only designing technical systems, but also developing creative space concepts. The developers in Škoda simply want the products from Plzeň to be not only 100% functional and up-to-date, but also to be appreciated by people and to fit into the environment in which they operate and serve.

Photo: Škoda Group

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