Ensuring healthcare for everyone

Ensuring healthcare for everyone

Zentiva Group, a.s.

Zentiva's mission is to ensure the supply of high quality and affordable medicines to the people that rely on them every day. The roots of this Czech pharmaceutical company go back more than 530 years to a small pharmacy, which already served the people of Prague at that time. Currently, Zentiva supplies the Czech market with up to 25 million boxes of drugs per year, and this photo shows the phase of processing drugs into an all-aluminum blister, which is a protective package that ensures the durability of drugs and the quality of its composition.

In one working shift, such a machine spits up to 50,000 meters of foil, which is then divided into smaller plates in the next phase of the machines, so that it finally fits exactly into the appropriate box. The whole process is managed by people to ensure quality and they supervise the individual parts of the machine production. Zentiva also strives for maximum sustainability in all respects so that future generations can enjoy our planet.

Photo: Martin Janeček

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