Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

To come up with an idea, to draw it or make a model and to produce it. This is the typical process for engineers when they design a product or a component. But what do you do if the original drawings or models no longer exist, but are needed? Reverse engineering provides a way. It is a process aiming at uncovering the working principle of the object under investigation and retrieving its lost design to be used to reproduce it.

In this case the component was scanned with an ATOS III Triple Scan 3D scanner. The blue light is not just a backdrop for a nice photo. The instrument uses it because it allows accurate measurements in any light conditions. The scanned component was then converted into a computer model, which can be used by designers for further work. Such a 'return of the lost blueprints' is thus not only the final product of reverse engineers, but almost like travelling in time.

Photo: Igor Šefr

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