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If colours could speak

Thermo Fisher Scientific Brno s.r.o.

Do you use a computer for your work? Do you communicate with your loved ones via a mobile phone? Do you drive a car? You may be surprised that all of these things have come into contact with the electron microscope. Or rather, the electron microscope deserves credit for the fact that we can have these things and are able to continually improve them.

The picture shows the ‘transmission electron microscope’. These instruments, which cost millions of dollars and are often several metres in size, are used by the world's top scientists to study bacteria, analyse materials or develop high-tech electronics. Transmission electron microscopes provide resolution on the level of individual atoms; they have helped us to understand the detailed structure and functioning of many viruses, including Sars-Cov-2. To achieve this resolution, in which the electron beam must not be deflected in any way, these instruments must operate in a very stable environment. Often, they require structural modifications. The Thermo Fisher Scientific development centre has blue curtains to prevent unwanted airflow and thus contribute to stable conditions.

Brno is often referred to as the capital of electron microscopy. Almost a third of all the electron microscopes in the world are manufactured in this Moravian city. This largest local manufacturer is a major contributor to this success.

Photo: Kamil Saliba

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