Down to the Last Detail

Down to the Last Detail

RAUTIS, a.s.

This photo tells the story of a unique craft and many human hands. The glassmaker‘s experienced hands had to blow a line of fine beads from a glass tube. Other hands gave them a bright silver sheen, and now yet more other hands are painting them. Golden hairs on angels’ heads, Saint Nicholas’ red caps, the black eyes of snowmen or the smiles of glass figures – all are formed one at a time, slowly, manually, with forethought and care, because there can be no second attempts. However this pilgrimage of human hands does not end with the painting. The beads must be cut into individual pieces, which are then threaded onto charming bead ornaments. Across the whole wide world it happens only here – in Krkonoše.

Photo: Tomáš Brabec

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