Inside the Tank

Inside the Tank

ČEPRO, a.s.

EPRO owns unique product pipeline technology. It is a system of more than 1100 km of pipeline, laid across the entire Czech Republic. This pipeline technology distributes fuel from refineries to the whole of the country. In selected localities evenly spread throughout the Czech Republic, there are 17 sites where petrol, diesel and other substances are stored in a total of 650 storage tanks with a capacity of 1.76 million m³.

The largest fuel tanks in the Czech Republic are in Loukov in the Kroměříž region - four tanks with a total volume of 140,000 m³, each with a diameter of 50 and a height of 22 metres. From time to time every tank needs to be cleaned and checked to see if it is in order and material cannot escape (termed defectoscopy). The picture shows the innards of one of the tanks in Hněvice, where routine maintenance is currently underway.

Photo: Patrik Staněk

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