Modelling Studio

Modelling Studio

University of West Bohemia, Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art

Take a look at the Industrial Design Studio, which teaches how to design quality products and where design is understood to be invention. Of all the studios the “Sutnarka” best combines artistic skills with technical knowledge. This is reflected in the tasks assigned and subjects studied, in which the technical faculties of the university also participate.

When designing a new product, the head of the studio, Jan Korabečný, emphasizes general feasibility, respect for physics, technical parameters and ethics. The studio has a significant involvement in various international projects, works in interdisciplinary teams and regularly tackles assignments in cooperation with companies.

During the semester students usually work on two or three tasks, covering the future of mobility, social responsibility and the search for opportunities for new technologies. Students make use of the modelling studio for their work. The superior level of such a studio, in which the cars of the future are born from modelling clay, is guaranteed by the equipment for covering foil, 3D printing and CNC milling.

Photo: Tomáš Binter

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