A play of lights and shadows

Huisman Czech Republic s.r.o.

Do You know where and how new interatomic bonds are formed? At Huisman Czech Republic s.r.o. in Sviadnov, you can find the answer to both questions. Welding is their daily bread and this play of light and shadow creates incredible things! Basically, it is a process where, subject to specific thermodynamic conditions, a new interatomic bond, a new permanent bond, is created.

But what must such a bond, specifically a weld, endure? Imagine the construction of a crane that is assembled from individual welds and is able to lift a body with the weight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You don't know how heavy the Eiffel Tower is? The whole structure weighs an incredible 10.100 tons!

Thanks to this seemingly simple play of light and shadow, in Huisman, not far from the Beskydy Mountains, not only seaborne and terrestrial cranes with incredible load capacities are being constructed, but also roller coasters, drilling rigs and even equipment for recovering the Kursk submarine from the bottom of the Barents Sea. But that's another story.  There is thus a certain degree of art in welding, and high demands are placed on quality. This is also why they have their own welding school in Huisman. So, anyone who wants to master the game of light and shadow can learn it from them!

Photo: Ondřej Malek

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