Plasma takes the leading role

NITRIDACE spol. s r.o.

Electrifying magic with light? While it might seem like an illusion for the layman, it is a priceless service for the customer! Plasma nitriding is a way of chemically hardening the surface of refined steel. It generally takes place at temperatures above 500°C for components that need to withstand increased abrasion.

The surface layer of refined steel parts is saturated with nitrogen to a depth of several tenths of a millimetre. In the Brno-based company NITRIDACE, they have been working with plasma on devices of various sizes of their own production for more than 20 years. They nitride a broad spectrum of parts. These range from gears found in e-scooter motors to truck engine parts and to those used in steam turbines. However, they specialise in parts that can weigh several tons and be up to 8 metres long!

Photo: Pavel Žilka

Post-production: Miroslava Trusková

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