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Take a good look at additive manufacturing and become enchanted by a technology that opens the door to new design solutions. 3D metal printing challenges traditional engineering processes and makes possible previously unimaginable constructions. In the photo, a food industry pump printed from aluminium alloy is hidden under a green veil. After the prototyping phase, ad-tech s.r.o. moved on to serial production. The application of additive manufacturing in this case was a world first and led to the improvement of the design, lightening and optimisation of the entire pump.

Metal 3D printing offers several remarkable advantages in the field of industrial production. One of its key strengths is that it can produce complex shape elements and structures that would be difficult or even impossible using conventional methods. It makes possible the production of components optimised in terms of performance and efficiency. In addition, the technology minimises waste, offering both economic and environmental benefits. 3D metal printing also accelerates prototyping and product development, shortens time to market and increases overall manufacturing flexibility.

Foto: Kateřina Selingrová

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