Robotic operation of the Konocranes "S"

Konecranes and Demag s.r.o.

Equipping a ship's structure with an engine and other machinery is like a watchmaker's work. Installation requires absolute precision and finesse. However, this is no easy matter when handling heavy parts. In the factory of the Finnish company WD Steelworks Oy in the port of Valko in Loviisa, the Konecranes "S" smart crane is providing welcome help. It works with millimetre accuracy to avoid the slightest damage to the ship. All this is thanks to the revolutionary arrangement of the rope drum and winding system, which includes a unique synthetic rope. This mechanical perfection is complemented by new smart functions such as Follow Me, Hook Centring and Snag Prevention.

The crane's digital intelligence not only ensures accurate and high-quality results, but also increases efficiency and safety. Konecranes service technicians look after the crane throughout its lifetime to ensure that it works precisely and for a long time. The Konecranes Group is a world leader in the production of industrial and port cranes, and forklifts. It employs more than 17.000 people in 600 locations in 50 countries. Around 1.300 cranes are produced annually at the Czech plant in Slaný.

Foto: Pixoi Ltd.

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