The Family Silver

Veolia Energie ČR, a.s.

The term "the family silver" refers to those things that are important to us and that we take the greatest pride in. And the K6 multi-fuel boiler with a heat output of 40 MW from Přerov is just such a piece of family silver for Veolia Energie. This multi-fuel boiler is at the forefront of the current European heating industry, and the company has won the award for the best heating project of 2023. It can use biomass, solid alternative fuels from sorted non-recyclable waste and dried sewage sludge. 

The new technology will make it possible to produce heat and electricity in an environmentally friendly way. At the same time, it will help the region to use municipal waste in a responsible, modern and meaningful manner. The image shows the boiler in all its majesty and the cross-sectional view shows what happens in the boiler during fuel processing. It also perfectly describes the technological sophistication of the entire device. 

Photo:   Michal Felgr  

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